The Operator Website & Email Service provides a mobile-friendly website, an email marketing platform and a database tool - all to connect with YOUR customers.

Even with these robust capabilities, it's easy to get started and simple to use.


Now you can have a website created just for your Chick-fil-A restaurant that is personalized to match how you market your location.

  • Mobile phone, tablet and desktop-friendly design.
  • Event calendar and robust reservation system with invitation outreach, customer-selected reservations by time slot and attendee tracking.
  • Online job application to help with team member acquisition.
  • Integration with your existing mobile / online ordering plus up-to-date menu information.
  • Pages can be tailored to your needs with photo galleries, announcements, community and kids areas, donation request forms and more.

Research studies have shown that personalized, locally-relevant email is still one of the most effective ways to connect with customers and have them take action.

Our Service includes a robust email marketing tool that provides an updated library of pre-built email templates – from menu item promotions to in-store events to group-specific outreach like A-List and Kids Club – it’s all here. You can personalize the content to make each outreach unique, and choose from database segments to send targeted communications to specific customers.

Customer Database / CRM

Every Operator should build and maintain a customer database to reach out with local promotions and information. The challenge is that without the appropriate tools, maintaining and using such a list can be a lot of work.

With our Service, you have your own easy-to-use customer database with built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features. Customers are added to your database via online sign-up, inclusion in the A-List program, Kids Club and manually via the admin. The system organizes their information, allowing you to keep track of your customers and more effectively target them with promotional outreach.

Sign up for the service using this website. It costs $100/month and is a unit expense that has been approved for monthly P&L accrual.

We’ll begin the process to launch your website and send you your admin password.

With your password, you can log in to your admin control panel and set up your website and customer database.

Log in whenever you wish to make updates to your website, promote events, send emails and access your customer database.

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